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The downside to having a toilet is that you have to put up with the seat, which can be difficult and uncomfortable. However, there are plenty of options when it comes to comfortable seats from Oak Bathroom Furniture. Here is our guide on buying the best toilet seat for your home:

Traditional Toilet Seats

This kind of seat fits securely over the bowl and attaches using bolts or clasps. The advantage is that they can be firmly locked in place, so children won’t accidentally pull them off and risk falling in the water. Many traditional seats feature quick-release buttons for easy cleaning underneath. Many also come with locking bars that prevent people from sitting down on an unflushed toilet; these can build up odours if not cleaned regularly. Wooden toilet seats are usually low-end and may warp or discolour over time.

Our favourite traditional seat is the Bemis 1500EC001, which features a wealth of adjustable parts to ensure a snug fit and comfort. For those on a budget, however, we recommend the Brondell S300EL Soft Round Closed Front Toilet Seat with Slow Close. It may not be as sturdy as higher-end options such as the Bemis model, but it’s also significantly cheaper

Modern Toilet Seats

These seats resemble an ordinary chair and attach to the bowl using suction pads; they can often be lifted off for easy cleaning. They’re remarkably stable thanks to high suction levels and thick padding (which can sometimes lead to a lack of support). They’re also easy to install, with some models featuring adhesive strips. We recommend the Bemis 800EC002 Toilet Seat for its range of adjustable parts and high-quality build.

For a more luxurious look, a stylish bathroom cabinet can be a welcome addition to any home. They provide storage space while adding an artistic touch to the room’s decor. You can usually find them in two sizes

Width: 28-36″ – Height: 16-20″

Width: 36-40″ – Height: 20-24″

When choosing a size, consider where you’ll put it and what types of items you’ll store there; larger cabinets require deeper sinks that may not be suitable for your tastes.

Bathroom Vanity Units UK

Taller cabinets may also feature a mirror at the top; this can make the unit more versatile and allow you to do make-up or shave in front of it. If you don’t need all that extra space, however, larger units are often unnecessary

Our favourite bathroom cabinet is the Bemis 800MC001 wood vanity unit with soft close, featuring an adjustable shelf and stylish design. For something on a tighter budget, consider Matalan’s Tall Bathroom Cabinet. It’s made from chipboard but has good reviews on Amazon for its versatility and ease of cleaning

Of course, if neither of these options suits your style then there are plenty of other options. Our range of prices and styles is designed to accommodate a wide variety of tastes


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